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The Sky's the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit is an international quilt competition from 2008 held in Houston during the International Quilt Festival. With Sky’s the Limit as theme, the contesters were free to let their imagination speak. Blue skies, planets, stars, the Milky Way, visits to Mars and the moon. Just a sample from the many possibilities the theme has to offer.

From the competition forty winners were chosen, whose quilts travel for over two years around the world. These quilts will be exhibited at the OEQC 2010.


Houston, I think we have a quilter by Martha DeLeonardis of Katy, Texas, USA

The artists of the forty winning quilts
Naomi Adams, Madeleine Bajracharya, Shandra Belknap, Valerie Carhart, Maya Chaimovich, Betty Colburn, Mary Kay Davis, Martha DeLeonardis, Eileen Doughty, Barbara Eckel, Teresa Gai, Shirley Gisi, Karen Hanken, Catherine Hart, Terri Haugen, Jane Healy, Jan Helmbolt, Tokiko Kashiwagi, Marlene King, Marguerite Lacy, Barbara Lange, Jackie Manley, Inge Mardal & Steen Hougs, Elizabeth Markel, Katherine McNeese, Anne-Marie Miro, Maureen O'Doogan (nee Holz), Andrea Perejda, Pia Puonti-Torresin, Diane Ricks, Barbara Riggs, Mengia Schaller, Caryl Schuetz, Gayle Simpson, Kimberly Travers and Cathie Lockwood, Sharon Wild, Judy Woodworth.


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