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On this website you find an overview of the workshops during OEQC 2011.
Click here for the application form for the workshops in Microsoft Word document.

For more information e-mail to: info@yourganize.nl.

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LuH08 Four-fold in 3D
Lucie Huig-Dunnebier
CM07 Totally Transformed
Cherilyn Martin
EB06 Fabric printing with stamps
Els van Baarle
PA06 Sailing Home
Pat Archibald
JJ06 Designing with Jacqueline de Jonge
Jacqueline de Jonge
TS05 Thumb-quilting
Ted Storm
DC05 Gipsy Blanket Collage
Dijanne Cevaal

Timetable workshops   



Workshop LuH08    Four-fold in 3D
Teacher: Lucie Huig-Dunnebier
Level: advanced
Length: 1 day
After workshop: finished or to finish at home
Sewing method: preferably by hand, machine possible
Extra material: € 15,=
Teacher speaks Dutch, English, German and a little French

Learn in a day how to create a spectacular 3D-quilt, which secretly hides or shows beautiful fabrics in a stunning design. A great way to showcase your most precious fabrics!

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Workshop EB06    Fabric printing with stamps
Teacher: Els van Baarle
Level: all levels
After workshop: finished and ideas and theory to work with
Sewing method: no sewing at all
Extra material: € 15,=
Teacher speaks Dutch, English and German

Participants start with creating their own stamp. With this astamp, white or light colored fabric is printed. The pressure paint can be used in a variety of materials, including most synthetic fabrics. A unique product is created this way. You will experiment with pressing with various materials from the garage or kitchen. The fabric will be stamped with silkscreen paint or Pébéo Setacolor. After fixing the background with Procionverf (only natural fabrics) focus is laid on the impact of colors, overlapping prints, foreground / background, positive / negative, etc.


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Workshop JJ06    Designing with Jacqueline de Jonge
Teacher: Jacqueline de Jonge
Level: all levels
Length: 1 day
After workshop: work practice and inspiration for home
Sewing Method: Machine
Additional material: n / a
Teacher speaks Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish

Would you like to try to design their own quilt, but do not know how to now? If you encounter problems in your own design or would you like to have that round shapes with sharp points or who want to make beautiful stars and concurrent flying geese you in my Be Colourful patterns so far come across? Then this design course could be for you!

During the course you will learn all those beautiful forms to sign personally. There is enough space to ask questions and get many good ideas that will allow home to get to work. We will also pass the collection quilts during the show in real view.

The drawing is not a mathematical way, but just a compass, ruler and an eraser. In the afternoon we take the time to one of the parts that we have drawn on the sewing machine to practice. At the end of the workshop, the original workshop Be Colourful Pattern: American Adventure and a certificate of attending the course presented. Would you like to do something different to let yourself be inspired by my website www.becolourful.com because this is the course for you!!

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Workshop DC05    Dijanne Cevaal
Teacher: Dijanne Cevaal
Level: all levels
After workshop: finished
Sewing method: machine
Extra material: € 2,50
Teacher speaks Dutch, English and French

We make a 50 inch square quilt and use the techniques of fabric printing, direct appliqué, collage of fabrics for an interesting composition and embroidery and quilting.


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Workshop CM07    Totally Transformed
Teacher: Cherilyn Martin
Level: all levels
After workshop: samplebook / ideas and theory to work with
Sewing method: (limited) hand
Extra material: € 15,=
Teacher speaks Dutch and English and understands German and French

This is an experimental workshop in which transfer, resist and manipulation techniques will be used to transform some of the newest synthetic non wovens. These exciting fabrics will be suitable for use in a wide range of quilt and textile applications. We will explore the possibilities of working with Evolon, Lutradur, Polyester and other non wovens. Transfer paints will be used to explore colour with collage and stencils. Crayola transfer crayons for pattern and texture using rubbing plates. Through manipulation, i.e. stitching, pleating, folding and crumpling, surfaces will obtain 3 dimensional qualities. These methods will also serve as resists when colour is applied. The character of surfaces will also be transformed with Polyfilm lamination. There will be an opportunity to experiment with other new materials such as transfer foils and several adhesive webbings. The domestic iron will be used for colour transfer, distortion of the surface and for laminating. The heat gun and soldering iron will also be used to add an extra dimension to the surface. A sample book will be made which will serve as future reference when embarking on your own projects.


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Workshop PA06    Sailing Home
Teacher: Pat Archibald
Level: all levels
After workshop: to finish at home / ideas and theory to work with
Sewing method: machine
Extra material: € 14,=
Teacher speaks English

Learn in easy stages how to create a ghostly, translucent image of a Chinese junk sailing home against a golden setting sun. We will use layers of nets and sheers to create the ghost and finish by applying a foiled sun. Using more foiling techniques we will add reflections of golden ripples in the sea.

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Workshop TS05    Thumb-quilting
Teacher: Ted Storm
After workshop:
Sewing method:
Extra material:
Teacher speaks

Thumb-quilting is an additional technique to classic handquilting. This technique has one huge advantage: there is no need to turn your quilt anymore, you can quilt in any direction you wish! During class, you get a thumb-timble in loan. This workshop is only suitable for students who already have experience in handquilting! For more information: www.tedstorm.nl.


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Date Code Teacher Workshop Time Costs
Th 5 mei CM07 Cherilyn Martin Rusting the surface 1 day € 95,=
Th 5 mei TS05 Ted Storm Thumbquilting ½ day € 47,50
Th 5 mei DC05 Dijanne Cevaal Gipsy Blanket Collage 1 day € 95,=
Fr 6 mei PA06 Pat Archibald Sailing Home 1 day € 95,=
Fr 6 mei EB06 Els van Baarle Fabric printing with stamps 1 day € 95,=
Fr 6 mei JJ06 Jacqueline de Jonge Designing with Jacqueline de Jonge 1 day € 95,=
Sa 7 mei CM07 Cherilyn Martin Totally Transformed 1 day € 95,=
Su 8 mei LuH08 Lucie Huig-Dunnebier Four-fold in 3D 1 day € 95,=

General information:

  1. Costs workshops: ½ day € 47,50 / full day € 95,-.
  2. Lunch-buffet is included for full day workshops. Coffee, water and tea are included for all workshops.
  3. Classes are from 10.00-12.30 o’clock and/or 14.00-16.30 o’clock.
  4. Applications will be handled in order of reception. Your application is final after we receive the fee.
  5. No fee will be returned to students who cancel their workshops after April 4th, 2011.

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Teachers Quiltbiographies

Quiltbiography Els van Baarle

Els van Baarle is Textile artist and teacher. She presents workshops in her own country and abroad. Her work has won several prizes, among which the First Prize at Textiel Plus, Fabric shows, best of all, 3th and 2nd place at Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus Ohio and the Meritt award in Taegu, Korea.
Els van Baarle

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Quiltbiography Lucie Huig-Dunnebier

Lucie Huig studied at the prestigious Rietveld Academy and worked out the idea of this quilt in her freshman year in the early 1950’s. After graduation, Lucie worked in the fashion industry and won several prizes for her designs and work.
Lucie Huig-Dunnebier

Workshop LuH Four-fold in 3D   Timetable workshops   Back to top

Quiltbiography Jacqueline de Jonge

Jacqueline de Jonge was born in 1960. She has a fulltime job as secretary for the Cardiology Division in a large hospital. Since her childhood she likes to be busy with her hands, with fabrics, drawing, embroidery and sewing until she saw a quilt in a German magazine. Jacqueline was immediately sold. That was where all this time she had been looking for! All of her accumulated skills she could use here. For more information: www.be-colourful.nl.
Jacqueline de Jonge

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Quiltbiography Dijanne Cevaal

Dijanne Cevaal's quilts are a product of a lifelong engagement with textiles, the mobility of the stitch, the interaction of color by dyeing and printing, and creating stories. As a small child I built constructions that were sewn and embroidered, and this love of embroidery continued through my teenage and adult years. I hold a Masters degree from Charles Sturt University, where I learned to work with the textile surface in a more direct way,, not only as a vehicle for imagery, but as a return to the feel and textuality of textiles, intimacy and the narrative content . I also widely teach in the techniques I use in my work. All fabrics in my work are hand painted, and I'm using simple printing techniques to create original single substances. I like simple techniques such as folding. I tend to work in relatively simple color contrasts, although the paintings that I make often result in a complexity of colors.. Stitching, both mechanically and by hand, are important elements, for creating texture. I am very much inspired by the Australian landscape, and in particular the Otway, where I work and live together with my three daughters and husband, on one acre of land in a recycled house.
Dijanne Cevaal

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Quiltbiography Cherilyn Martin

Cherilyn Martin studied Textiles and Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has teaching experience in art college education, also giving quilt/design/embroidery workshops and masterclasses throughout Europe and the US. Cherilyn’s work has been shown in many international exhibitions. She is currently a member of Quilt Art. Her work has been widely published in textile related books and periodicals.
Cherilyn Martin

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Quiltbiography Pat Archibald

Pat Archibald worked as a Occupational Therapist for 20 years before opening a specialist patchwork and quilting business in Scotland. She teaches and develops her own textile designs and works to commission. Pat won many prizes with her quilts, among which 2010 in the US, first prize for Best of Country, and 2009 the Award for Design and the Viewer’s Choice at the OEQC.
Pat Archibald

Workshop PA Sailing Home   Timetable workshops   Back to top

Quiltbiography Ted Storm

Ted Storm worked for many years in Secondary Education as a teacher Textile Artforms. Quilting got more important. Her quilts won international top prizes, for example Best of Show en Master Awards in the US. Teaching remains important next to her own quilting. She prefers refined hand techniques.
Ted Storm

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